Loves to sleep right between @littlelionlaina  & I every night.. Just gets comfy & stretches out between us perfectly 😍💙👍😘
The difference 5-6 years makes is ridiculous but I love this girl so much. My forever ride & die.. We went from talking about living together at 13 to being a week away from moving into our own place together.. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a bumpy ride over the years, & we’ve had our share of people against us, but we still came out on top together & it’s a forever kinda thing, 
We’ve had other best friends.. But nothing compares to what we’ve got:. It’s irreplaceable 💙😘





What did the cat say to the dog?

cats don’t talk


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How do I uninstall anxiety

The problem is it’s often stored as .Raw so you have to un-package it before uninstalling.

If there’s an encryption, you may need to get software to resolve the issue.


i love that kids don’t understand the concept of money. i heard a kid at walmart today grab a bag of beef jerky and say “i’m just going to have this” and when his mom said “you can’t just take that” he said “who is going to stop me” 

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